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The campus radio station of CSUDH

The campus radio station of CSU Dominguez Hills



All shows are hosted and produced by students of California State University, Dominguez Hills, making KDHR a true-student run radio station. If you’re interested in hosting your own show, fill out the Host/DJApplication.

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A to Z Logo

A to Z

Get your Monday started the right way with A and Z, covering relationships, campus life, special DJs and more!

11:15 am

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The Bridge

A radio show that is dedicated to BRIDGING the gap between Old and New School. Phenom, Rocc, & Persona dive into a variety of topics.

5:00 pm

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Bringing a goofy personality to the internet world every Monday, she’s more than just an urban-based show.  Nish West gives her listeners a #nishfood4thought as well as a #nishtopicoftheday.

7:00 pm

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Franz Ania Tanisha

The Franz, Ania, and Tanisha Show

Are you an ultimate sports fan? Than this show is for you. Not only will you be able to talk about sports, but pop culture as well.

8:30 am

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You Need Serious Help Cover

You Need Serious Help Radio

There are problems in this world, but why bother complaining. Brent Williams has the solutions.

1:00 pm

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William Washington

The Tuesday Turn Up

In Tuesday Turn Up, B.A shares christian music, topic discussion, inspiration messages and much more that will encourage listeners to seek God no matter the circumstances.

3:00 pm

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Ryan and Noosh are Dead

Have you ever wonder what a late night at Denny's  sound like? Well it probably be something like this.

7:00 pm

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Keion Bryant_Profile

Talented Radio

Want to listen to discussions on trending topics such as entertainment, music and media, as well as original music, than this show is for you.

9:00 am

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Mashud Profile

Eclectic Weekly

The topics & the music will always be different, there is no possible way you could get bored. From Latin, R&B, Country and Nigerian music.

11:00 am

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Woke Conscious

Lupe and Itzel talk about everything and anything. A little profanity may be said here and there, but that’s just to add a little spice to the show.

2:00 pm

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Thomas Lobao

The Midweek Show

Top music from around the world, independent artists and a live update on CSUDH activities.

3:00 pm

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Running with the Toros

If you want to stay up to date with CSUDH sport events make sure to  listen to "Running with the Toros," for commentaries/interviews with school Athletics.

5:30 pm

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Honey LB

The Crazy, Sexy, Cool Show

Humor, enthusiasm and enlightenment. "The Crazy, Sexy, Cool Show" has it all.

7:00 pm

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Tony Long and Rasheed Phillips

The T-Long Sports Program

Tony Long and his co-host Rasheed Phillips are bringing important sports news to all fellow Toros here on campus. Make sure to tune in to The T-Long Sports Program to get the best coverage.

10:00 am

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DH1 Profile


DJs Danny Ocean and Vegazerø bring you  electrifying dance music and a live DJ set every Thursday. You won't want to miss it!

12:00 pm

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The Awareness Show

Promotes awareness and causes about the different kinds of syndromes that are out there that are important to people.

4:15 pm

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Jeremiah Pitts

The Writer’s Bloc

Jeremiah’s an ex Navy war veteran and a possessor of a world traveler’s outlook on life, quest to inform, educate, and bring joy to the radio masses.

6:00 pm

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Explore Toro Country Profile

Explore Toro Country

Vince, Tatiana and Yasmine discuss everything happening at CSUDH.

8:15 am

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Marol on the Mic

Marol on the Mic

Marol is here to liven up your day in between classes with topics like music, entertainment, movies, music, fashion, & other topics from around the world.

12:00 pm

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Organic Lifestyle

Daily life, fashion, travel, and relationships as organic as you.

3:45 pm

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Want to schedule KDHR for your event? All you have to do is fill out our Event Request Form and submit it to either the ASI Office or the KDHR Office.


KDHR has internship opportunities aplenty! Learn what happens behind the scenes of a radio station, learn how to edit audio, emcee and DJ events and more! Fill out the Internship Application and attach your cover letter and resume to be considered.

Karen Mijangos

Karen Mijangos

Stephen Janes of KDHR radio at Dominguez Hills in the radio station's new home inside the Loker Student Union

Stephen Janes


Erik Flores


Jessica Leon


William Cardenas

Dosh Green

Dosh Green

Photo Gallery

  • ASI 50th Anniversary Celebration


    ASI 50th Anniversary Celebration

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  • KDHR at Halloween Haunt 2016

    DJ Joyful at Halloween Haunt

    KDHR at Halloween Haunt 2016

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  • Photos by Jeff Farsai

    Stephen Janes of KDHR radio at Dominguez Hills in the radio station's new home inside the Loker Student Union

    Photos by Jeff Farsai

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