Halloween Images

Come celebrate Halloween with KDHR and ASI.

They  will be kicking off Halloween with this year with the “Halloween Hunt.”

The Halloween Hunt is going to be held today on the East Walkway, There is going to be a costume contest, games, a mummy wrap, music, and free candy at the event. The event is from 4pm to 7pm.

KDHR will be helping with this event by providing music for this event . This event will start off with students playing life size board games for candy. The candy will be given out in Halloween Bowls.

Students can win an iPod shuffle by participating in the “shuffle for the shuffle” contest. This is a dance contest, so come out and show off your best moves.

The mummy wrap gives students an opportunity to wrap their friends or partner in toilet paper. The contestants only will be given seven minutes to wrap and they will only be given one roll. Whoever can wrap their partner the most wins.

The final event will be the costume contest.  The best costume will be enter for a chance to win headphones. Join us for this celebration of Halloween.