KDHR offers clubs and organizations on campus to request our services at your events. By printing out and filling in the event request form, you agree and understand the following terms. These are the guidelines that should be followed:

  • No event will be considered unless the proper form has been submitted to KDHR. You can turn in the form at the ASI office (LSU 231).
  • All request forms are to be completed no later than two weeks prior to the actual event date; any request filled outside of this deadline will not be considered. If there any changes to the event please let us know as soon as possible.
  • Event staff is responsible for sending a schedule of events, such as special performers, bands, and so on. Failure to inform the KDHR staff could result in improper equipment for the said performers.
    KDHR is available for a maximum three-hour event for any given request. If your event takes place over several days, you may request KDHR for each day, so long as the request fulfills all over requirements.
    Please be as descriptive as possible with the nature of the event. If there will be other bands, performances or announcements, please inform us on the form so we can better prepare for the event. DETAIL is key!
  • KDHR will be accepting event requests on a “first come, first serve” basis. If two event requests are submitted for a similar future date, the request submitted first will be processed and planned.
  • If KDHR is unavailable for any reason, the requester may request a playlist to be created for the event in lieu of having a live DJ.
  • KDHR staff will call or email the event coordinator to confirm the event request form and clarify any concerns or details if needed. By filling out and submitting this form you understand and agree to all the standards put into place. Any questions or disagreements should be brought up to KDHR staff. AGAIN,  If there are any changes to the event after the request has been submitted, please inform the KDHR staff at your earliest convenience or your next event could face consequences.

By downloading and completing the event request form, you agree to the previous terms of agreement. If there are any questions or comments regarding the event request inform the KDHR staff at your earliest convenience.